Wide Format

Think big, think large format


Are you looking to promote your brand on a large scale? Then look no further! Spectrum’s large format printing capabilities are the perfect way to get your brand noticed, with sharp image quality.


Whether it is simple posters, banners, signage or in-store displays, we help you create environmentally friendly, weather-resistant promotional materials that are sure to last you a very long time and leave a lasting impression

Leave a lasting impact
with stunning marketing materials


We are the experts in large format printing and are industry leaders in creating environmentally friendly, weather-resistant materials.


Our presses print at speeds of up to 70mph for outdoor prints and up to 35mph for indoor prints at 1200×600 dpi resolution. We guarantee the highest resolution images, sharp text printing and rich six-colour print outputs in widths up to 2.64 meters.


We also provide on-site installation to customers too!

Bigger is Better


When it comes to banners, signage and displays, bigger is most definitely better.


Our prints for outdoor displays are durable, waterproof, smudge and scratch-resistant, lasting up to 5 years.


Indoor window display prints last even longer. We can print indoor and outdoor banners on a variety of materials, from low-cost, uncoated, low-solvent compatible media to self-adhesive vinyl, banner, film, paper, fabric, mesh and more.

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