1. Resolution for all images should be at least 300 pixels/inch
  2. Preferably, all images should be saved as .eps files
  3. Images that are to be at the edge of the page should be extended 5mm beyond that final size. Learn more about bleed and trimming guidelines here.
  4. Images should be created in/converted to CMYK, not RGB.
  5. Avoid over-scaling images (75%-125%) when placing into your layout program.
  6. Sample down a copy of larger images and link them to your file to save disk space and processing time.







  1. Avoid transparency effects when working with spot colours.
  2. Preferrably, always use the Pantone names for spot colours. Avoid calling them things like, ‘Company X Yellow’ or ‘Blue-Green’
  3. Always work in CMYK, please convert any RGB colours to CMYK.








Always use the ‘Create Outlines’ feature on Illustrator, or ‘Rasterize Type’ on Photoshop to avoid any font issues when submitting files for printing.


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