Spectrum Variable DataLet’s get personal – every marketer worth their salt knows that personalising their marketing communications is a no-brainer when it comes to developing close and profitable relationships with clients, customers and prospects.

This is where Spectrum comes into the equation: we offer affordable, creative and tailor-made solutions for your direct marketing communications


  • Time and cost savings - fast turnaround at an economical price point
  • We’re experts in variable data printing and utilise the latest technology
  • The creative edge – our design team have experience at top agencies and worldwide brands and know the ins and out of personaliastion


Spectrum Variable Data Image

We pull data from your CRM platform, web page or call center data to insert individual customer data into your communications. No matter what your variable – name, age, gender, location, profession or interests – we help you create the right message, at the right time, for the right person.

Our VDP solutions guarantee a high return on investment (ROI) by encouraging customer attrition, retention and spend, and by facilitating brand loyalty and strengthening relationships.

You name it, we personalise it. Here are a few examples:

  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Postcards
  • Emails
  • Transactional documents like invoices and statements

We can even customise your collateral with graphics, images and text relevant to your customer profiles. Show your customers you know them inside out with personalised printing from Spectrum and watch their spend soar!


We know how important your customer data is, so we guarantee complete confidentiality of your data. Whether you’re an SME or a company working in a highly-regulated industry like finance or insurance, your data security is our priority.

We are governed by the DIFC Data Protection Law 2007, and from secure printing through to delivery we ensure the complete confidentiality of your information at each and every stage of the print process.

That’s the reason why our clients come back to us: trust.

To discover more about Spectrum’s security protocols and procedures, take a look here.


Spectrum MailingWe love our in-house graphic design team: with experience across Fortune 500 companies, top brands and the best creative agencies, they know how to create direct marketing communications that sell.

Want creativity, speed, efficiency and impact? Choose Spectrum.


Would you be impressed if we told you that we can print up to 6,600 A4 size impressions per hour? You should be!

Our automated digital printing technology waves goodbye to time traditionally spent on preparation, drying and manual collation. Each sheet of paper has a low-gloss finish that’s dry and ready for binding, making our turnaround super speedy.


We’re all about flexibility here at Spectrum, so we’re more than happy for you to use different paper stocks, images, fonts and labels in a single print run. And we do it without compromising quality or speed.


Our new-generation printing technology adjusts ink and imaging for each sheet that passes through the press, making each page picture perfect.


We don’t expect you to print more copies than you need – we let our customers print the exact quantities they require, meaning no wastage and huge time and costs savings.

If you do happen to need extra copies, we can do this easily and economically by matching the colours and quality of the original print run. It couldn’t be easier to get the prints you need exactly when you need them.