Wednesday May 16, 2018

Is there something missing from your business pitch?

Pitching to win with Spectrum


While classic, fine stationery remains a trusted route to ensuring a professional impression – think battle cards, information packs and luxury business cards. We love to help our clients think outside the box to truly wow potential investors or business partners.


From leather stitched books to personalised presentation boxes to cards with embedded video screens to highlight knockout stats – here at Spectrum we offer the widest range of print products on the market.


What’s more, as experts in all things branding, we can help you design and create the perfect ‘leave behind’ materials (tangible reminders of who you are, what you do and why you’re the best!). Leave behinds should illustrate business value by summarising the key takeaways of your pitch.


Add in a perfect professional finish with a fast turnaround time that makes even a last minute print run a breeze and you are looking at the perfect ‘leave behind’ partner in town!



Bringing the wow factor


Want to find out more about how we can help take your pitch to the next level? Contact us today or come to our office and see our pitch perfect solutions for yourself!

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