Friday December 04, 2015

Spectrum 2015: A year in review

As the year draws to a close, it’s important that we look back and take stock of the year’s achievements and set-backs, equipping us with the knowledge and insight we need to move forward into the New Year with success in our horizons.


2015 has truly been testament to the fact that the print industry is constantly evolving and is in a period of rapid, sustained change. And here at Spectrum we like to think that we’ve played our part in this evolution, too.


As digital printing continues to grow in prominence across the region, misunderstandings continue to abound between digital printers and digital production presses, and it’s easy for people to feel bamboozled by the endless stream of new buzzwords and technology.


At Spectrum we firmly believe that the more knowledge you have, the more you can do. This is why we place educating our suppliers, customers and third party organisations on how to optimise the opportunities that digital print opens up at the very core of business model.


We also like to think that we’ve played an important role in promoting digital printing across the UAE, and in raising standards across the industry by showing what can be created with vision and creativity. Our competitors have played an important role here, too, giving us the impetus to drive forward in our search for unparalleled quality.

Some of the ways we’ve committed to raising the bar across the industry include introducing the latest in cutting-edge production technology, taking professional finishing to a new level and pioneering techniques like 3D embossing, foiling, using clear ink and printing with white ink.


Moving into 2016, we’re genuinely excited about what’s on the cards. We are currently testing paper at a thickness of 800GSM to deliver printing solutions for luxury brands, and look forward to working with a number of leading lifestyle players and raising our profile internationally.


So what else is coming up next? We’re looking to advance our technology even further and broaden the scope of our product offering, and of course we’ll continue to go above and beyond to ensure that our customer service remains industry leading.


This leads to my final point – while we continue to bring you the latest and greatest in cutting-edge digital print technology, we do it for one reason only – to ensure that you, the valued customer, remain the cornerstone of our business, and continually receive the best end product possible.


So thank you for remaining a valued Spectrum customer, and here’s to another great year of business success for us both.

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