Friday April 26, 2013

Spectrum Celebrates ME Printer 100th Issue

ME Printer, in recent years, has proved to be one of the most influential print industry publications in the region. With each issue, they provide the Middle East market with relevant and objective content and deliver it with great integrity and tenacity. As part of their 100th edition, ME Printer asked 100 industry ‘players’ to voice their opinion on the future of print and the value of the Arabic language in the local market. As one of the largest digital printers in the Middle East, we at Spectrum Digital Print were delighted to be asked to contribute to this milestone in ME Printer’s history. Writing on behalf of Spectrum, Group General Manager Daniel Rodgers expresses his gratitude towards ME Printer for documenting the evolution and success of Spectrum over the years. “I am really thankful to ME Printer Magazine as they have helped us feature important phases that have happened in the journey of Spectrum.”. Daniel also offers his thoughts on the future of the printing industry, and how the industry might evolve to co-exist alongside the increasing popular platform of digital publishing.



We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate ME Printer on this landmark in their history, and we wish them all the very best for their next 100 editions.



Please see below for Dan’s full article which features in this month’s magazine.

Digital printing has gained inroads during the past decade and we had witnessed major developments in digital technology during last Drupa. Nano inks and nano printers took us by awe and gave us a vision about the impending trends that we will witness in the near future.


Online content and digitalization is a fact that we have to reckon with, and these will play a vital role in the development of the print industry in the coming years. If you ask about the future trends, it would be quite difficult to predict, as changes happen in the industry overnight.


With a growing interest towards smart phones and other digital gadgets, printers have to focus on providing on-demand jobs at a real time environment. Digital printers should also focus on meeting short run demands of customers at a reasonable cost.


At Spectrum, we have always strived in providing products without sacrificing on the quality aspect. Technology is a driving factor behind any industry, and we have always invested in the latest technology to give our customers the best service.


If you look at the trends worldwide, you can see that print runs are coming down and more and more newspapers and content are going online. Though this is the case, I believe that printing industry will continue to remain strong and will grow in the coming years. Today information changes at a rapid pace and companies or media providers are looking for methods that can instantly update the information available. This has made online mediums attractive, as it can immediately update data and information.


Regarding the importance of Arabic language in ME Printer magazine, I think that it attracts regional audience, especially in the Middle East regions. When it comes to Arabic used in the printing industry, I believe that development is yet to happen on the software front.


I am really thankful to ME Printer Magazine, as they have helped in featuring important phases that have happened in the journey of Spectrum.


I think that more international content should be added to the magazine, as printers here would be very eager to know the latest developments happening in Europe and US. The magazine should put focus on including more white papers on technical issues, research done in printing industry and success stories of printers.


Daniel Rodgers

Group General Manager

Spectrum Digital Printing Press

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