Monday October 01, 2012

Spectrum buys digital printer Ricoh Pro C901

Ramzi Razian, managing director of Spectrum said,”We studied this printer at Drupa and as a production printing press, the C901 can print on substrates from 100 to 320 gsm. Also, another factor that influenced our decision is Giffin Graphics, which we know will back the printer with good after-sales service. The Ricoh C901 has a production capacity of 11,000 sheets and stacker capacity of 10,000 sheets. It is easy to run and maintain. In this digital era, Ricoh has manufactured a reliable good machine with low operating cost. At 90 impressions per minute it is the fastest engine in its category regardless of media type, weight or when duplexing.”



Installing the machine in its Dubai World Trade Center branch was a strategic decision, according to Kteily, who feels that this latest acquisition would increase their productivity by 99%. “Gitex is around the corner and at other exhibitions, we can produce 100-200 business cards a day. We are the only company that can deliver a business card in 60 minutes.”



Spectrum has 6 outlets in UAE and hopes to cater to the entire GCC region with the new buy. “The life span of this printer is about 4-5 years and the return on investment is expected to be 2 years. In this digital era, I would love to expand our customer base to Mumbai,” he concludes.

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