Sustainable Luxury Printing and Packaging
By Spectrum Sustainable Printing Solutions



Welcome to Sustainable Printer, where creativity meets sustainability!


As a leading force in high-end sustainable packaging and printing solutions, we take pride in connecting clients worldwide with eco-friendly excellence.


From the heart of Dubai, we bring you innovative, planet-conscious creations that make a difference.


Our sustainable bespoke printing offers fully customised bespoke printing solutions tailored to your business and your customers,

giving you a real competitive edge.


Join us in shaping a greener future, one print at a time.


Dubai’s most prestigious leading luxury printers offering sustainable printing and packaging solutions to the Middle East and beyond.



Spectrum Sustainable Print’s claim to fame is that it has produced some of the most extraordinary and distinctive printing solutions for its customers since its inception in 2006 at the heart of Dubai, DIFC.


We have proudly worked with Royalty, Government and the top global corporate names, striving to produce the highest printing quality and services to them.


Spectrum further elaborate on the extensive range of techniques and complex printing solutions. 

Our skilled in-house designers, craftsmen, and press operators ensure that

the highest quality products and the utmost discretion are

consistently delivered to our clients.



Using the latest technology combined with time honoured print methods

we can achieve efficiency and quick turn around time for our customers.

We Love to Print! Do you?



At Spectrum Sustainable Printing Solutions. And we do it well.


We understand the business world, and pride ourselves on delivering top quality printing that gives you exactly what you need – at the right time and at the right price.


Here at Spectrum, we’re all about the quality of the end product: our state-of-the-art digital print presses guarantee precision, high resolution and quality finishing, giving your product the professional look and feel.


An industry leader in delivering unparalleled service in a fast-moving market, Spectrum is the chosen digital print solutions provider for some of the UAE’s brightest business names.


We love to print, and you’ll love to print with us.


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